Curtain wall Yi Yun(Structure)System
Brand newSAASArchitecture,Specification update,A key out of the curtain wall structure calculation
Immediate experience
Curtain wall Yi Yun(Design)System
Standardization、Parametric design Deep learning technology、Intelligent analysis Real-time adjustment,What you see is what you get

No manual drawing,Simply enter basic parameters,Set the boundary conditions,CombinationBIMTechnology and deep learning algorithms,Intelligent learning and adjustment,Automatic generation of curtain wall project、The bidding、Construction drawing。

Curtain wall Yi Yun selected library
A throughout the entire design、The construction、Procurement procedures such as filling intelligent cloud selected library
Curtain wall Yi Yun(6 d project management)System
For the time、The cost、Personnel、Comprehensive plan as a whole management information archives,Through the visual statement analysis and risk early warning,Make decisions to adjust in a timely manner、Avoid potential risk。
Curtain wall Yi Yun(Optimization)System

Curtain wall is easy to optimize system using the algorithm of depth,From structure theory to the field experience,From the cost to the material,Using a computer cluster powerful computing capacity,Achieve rapid adjustment,The real-time output optimal solution。

Curtain wall Yi Yun(Education)System
Inheritance To share Communication

All kinds of education information resources integration of building curtain wall industry,Realize the cloud、Taped、Information integration、Business aggregation、Service integration of education information system

In the future,Let's imagine……
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